Leren tas Ava
Triple Pink stands for elegance in everyday life

We believe that people who do not care about fashion, create trends. That when the base is good, there remains room for personality, or better said your own style! [why]

This is why we create beautiful basics made of sustainable fabrics. This is why we create with love and attention for details. That same love and attention apply to all aspects of our business. For example: we only work with selected suppliers that meet our standards and values. [how]

In brief: simplicity in a world full of trends! No fashion items, but stylish basics that last longer than one season: both for its style and quality. [what]

We don't believe in trends, just style!

Our success is based on honesty and fairness towards our people, our clients and our partners; our mission is to design a new collection twice a year. Classic shapes and silhouettes, but always contemporary.